Raffles University, Rajasthan – August 05th, 2021

Our Partner Rachna Bakhru successfully conducted a session at Raffles University, Rajasthan earlier today at 3pm (IST). The presentation was delivered virtually on zoom and attended by the students offline as well as online. It was a 1hr 10mins session which included our presentation followed by the question and answers round. The campaign was attended by almost 87 enthusiastic students and due to hybrid system opted by the university some of them attended the session via ZOOM and some students attended in the classroom. The students were excited to play the game and responded to every question of the game. We also came across questions like what is the future of 3D trademarks in India?. Can someone have a monopoly over one colour? Also students were more inclined towards learning more about non-conventional trademarks. The growing interest of students towards trademarks and awareness against counterfeit products looks very promising.





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