Pharmaceutical Patenting in India

  Ms. Rachna Bakhru from our firm was recently interviewed By Asia IP Law for sharing her valuable insights on pharmaceutical patenting in India and the issues surrounding it. The informative article details out comments from leading IP practitioners in the country on Indian patent laws on pharmaceuticals. Ms. Bakhru particularly shared her expertise and…


IP office Annual report shows vibrancy in Indian IP Environment

The Intellectual Property office has recently issued its Annual report for the years 2018-2019. Our post covers some interesting aspects of the report. Firstly, the report counts its notable achievement during the course of year as below: Simplification of the Patent procedures, Proposal for amending the Patents Rules in respect of revised definition of Start-up,…


Court frowns upon suppression of material facts

Quests for personal gains have become so intense that those involved in litigation do not hesitate to take shelter of falsehood and misrepresent and suppress facts in the court proceedings. Materialism, opportunism and malicious intent have overshadowed the old ethos of litigative values for small gains. This post discusses the perils of suppressing material facts…