FREEZ held to be phonetically similar to BREEZER

Bacardi and Company Limited (Bacardi), the manufacturer of alcoholic beverages and registered proprietor of the trademark BREEZER has filed a suit before the Delhi High Court alleging trademark infringement and passing off. Bacardi is aggrieved by Bahety Overseas Private Limited, (Bahety) adoption and use of the mark FREEZMix concerning non-alcoholic beverages. Bacardi in the suit…


Current Scenario of Artificial Intelligence and patent protection in India

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer or a robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings or humans. This includes the ability to reason, make decisions and generalize based on data processing using algorithms. The pre-programmed computer can analyze data by studying the repeat patterns of human behavior and do intuitive thinking,…


Delhi High Court holds WOODS and WOODLEY to be similar

Is there copying of the dominant portion of the trademark? This short point has come up for consideration in the instant suit between two entities dealing in apparel. The Plaintiffs, Avtar Singh and Ors (Avtar), filed the suit before the Delhi High court, alleging trademark infringement and passing off against the Defendants, Sakshi Srivastava (Sakshi)…


Overview of Intellectual Property Rights in India

  Our Associate Girish Bhatia was invited by Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad to conduct a session on Overview of Intellectual Property Rights in India. The session took place for around 1hr 30 minutes on 05th December 2021 which included the PPT presentation followed by the question and answers round. It was attended by students…