It is an indisputable fact that technology is growing at an unimaginable speed. As a result, there are new legal issues that the current legal framework may not be sufficient to address. While it takes time for the laws to speed up with the changing technology and new ways of doing business, our lawyers are abreast to advise clients on emerging areas efficiently.

We have a deep understanding of the new and disruptive technologies and invest in learning about the latest developments in these areas. We regularly advise our clients on:

  • AI: Strategizing Technology and IP ownership in Artificial Intelligence, drafting smart contracts, AI policy, and ethical AI.
  • E-commerce: Advising on liabilities of Intermediaries, information aggregators, Information Technology Laws in India, take down notices.
  • Data protection: Advising on data protection laws and its implications on cross border data transfer. Also, advising companies handling sensitive personal information in the virtual world including cloud service providers.
  • Drafting privacy policies, disclaimers, cookie policies and website terms of business to ensure compliances under Indian laws.
  • Unmanned aircraft system/Drone regulations: Advising on regulatory approvals for setting up and carrying on operations in India, IP& privacy related issues.
  • Crypto currency & NFT’s:  Advising on contracts/agreements, the legal framework in India, registration of NFT’s as trademarks, take down of counterfeit/fake NFT’s.
  • Advising on protection of IP in the metaverse, including registration of trademarks for appropriate goods/services.
  • Advising clients on the confidentiality code, data protection, data licensing agreements and trade secret laws
  • Commercial and Contracts: Drafting and negotiating IP agreements, software license and distribution agreements such as shrink-warp and click-wrap agreements, end-user license agreements, software development agreements, software escrow agreements, software assignment agreements, technology transfer agreements, employer-employee agreements with special focus on ownership of IP and Technology and Technology and IP assignment deeds.
  • Domain name disputes
  • Protection and enforcement of IP in Online gaming.