Deception of Greenwashing

Today, the young consumer’s expectations from the brands they buy are beyond good quality products. The millennials globally expect brands to do good in the world. The consumers hope that the brands resonate with their values and care about the environment, produce products responsibly without harming natural resources, and at the same time uplift the…


Top 10 tips for brands in the Fashion Industry

You cannot protect ideas from being copied. The idea in your mind cannot be protected; however, the representation of your ideas in tangible form is what is protectable. E.g. If you have plans on organizing a theme party and you share your detailed thoughts with a friend, who ends up executing the same theme and…


Business Continuity and Covid

You would have come across news reports of India severely hit by Covid infections and grappling with the situation. National and International health authorities are actively engaged in monitoring the spread of the virus in India and providing care and adequate facilities to those affected. We understand that this uniquely challenging pandemic and its repercussions…


India remains on USTR 301 watch list

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) recently released Annual Special 301 report on the adequacy and effectiveness of U.S. trading partners’ protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. As part of this exercise, USTR reviewed more than one hundred trading partners for this year’s Special 301 Report and placed thirty-two (32) of…


Serum Institute defends its rights over COVISHIELD

COVISHIELD, the Astra Zeneca developed vaccine, and manufactured by Serum Institute in India to prevent Covid19, is the subject of a trademark dispute between two entities operating in the pharmaceutical trade. Cutis Biotech (Cutis), the Plaintiff, filed the suit before the Commercial Court, Pune, alleging passing off to restrain the Defendant, Serum Institute India Private Limited (Serum…