Energy Consumption Policy

The following measures have been implemented at RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys. 

  1. All lights to be switched off during lunch hour.
  2. All employees to turn off/shut down their computer during lunch hour if they are not using it.
  3. All employees to turn off/shut down their computer before leaving for the day including switching off air purifier and any other equipment plugged in.
  4. Before leaving take a look around to ensure that your colleagues have turned off their computers before leaving.
  5. The last person to leave must ensure all photocopiers and printers are turned off.
  6. The first person to come to the office to make note of any computers that were not turned off and bring to HR notice.
  7. Energy efficiency is being promoted to employees through consistent communications, leadership support, educational activities.
  8. Training on energy issues is being provided to new employees upon joining the Firm. This will help to cooperate and interest of new staff boosts energy awareness and re-alerts others to their responsibilities.
  9. Wherever possible energy awareness to be built into job descriptions as well.
  10. Competitions to be organized at annual retreat to see who can save the most energy.
  11. Upgrading/replacing the existing/old equipment as a continuous process.
  12. Admin to set up a maintenance schedule to keep equipment free from obstructions and prevent over-heating by cleaning filters and fans regularly.
  13. Programmable thermostat has been installed in the office to allow for easy temperature settings and maximum energy savings during non-peak times.
  14. Most employees to be migrated to laptop and LCD monitors with a view to reduce energy use in our offices, along with updating energy-saving settings on computers.
  15. Desktop printers have been replaced with central printers and scanners.
  16. Energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs have been installed.

Reducing CO2 emissions from transport

As road transport vehicles are currently dependent on petroleum crude based fuels (petrol and diesel), the emissions from these are causing serious environmental problems. It is, therefore, urgent that the country addresses these issues and takes suitable steps to mitigate the ill-effects of road transport.

Below are various measures we undertake to tackle this serious problem-

  1. Drive less

Walk, bike, car pool or take public transport at least once a week. It saves 1.5 kg carbon dioxide for every 5 km we don’t drive. We try to switch off our cars if we stop for more than two minutes.

  1. Keep your tyres inflated

This improves the fuel efficiency of our cars. Every litre of petrol saved keeps 2.5 kg of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Using radial tyres will help us save 3 to 7 % of fuel.

Waste Management

The Firm wants to keep environment separate from stress management


We are committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment through responsible management of our buildings, minimising waste and recycling wherever feasible.

Energy management

We regularly monitor energy usage and encourage staff to reduce consumption, for example by turning equipment off overnight and at weekends.  During working hours, the lights in the conference and meeting rooms are switched on only on need basis and have management procedures in place to ensure that lights are not left on overnight.

Waste and recycling

We operate a sophisticated electronic document management system that reduces the need for paper copies and where print is necessary our printers are set to default to double-sided printing.

Paper used within our printers and copiers is all either recycled or from sustainable sources, and printer cartridges are returned to suppliers for refilling and recycling.

We have a number of initiatives underway to ensure that we recycle as much waste as possible, with the vast majority of office waste being recycled. Confidential waste is shredded and then handed over to charitable organizations who make handmade paper out of shredded waste.

Where it is safe to do so, we offer excess computer equipment and furniture to charities for their use. Further, all electronic waste is handed over to responsible agencies who recycle the different components in a suitable manner.

Our policy is not to use plastic cutlery, bottles, cups and have reusable glass cutlery for office parties, guest visits as well as daily use. The guideline for office also includes minimal use of paper napkins.

From time to time, the Firm takes part in plantation drive within its city and supports non-government organizations to plant more trees to improve the quality of environment that we live in.

Reducing carbon footprint

Our policy is to educate our employees to reduce their carbon emission. We encourage staff to use car pool instead of bringing their own cars which will not only reduce traffic on the road but help them relax on the days they are being driven. Further, we have a dedicated transport service that drops and picks them to the nearest metro/tube station.

Pollution and health hazards

Since our offices are located in a region that has high levels of pollution, we have installed air purifiers at our offices for the clean air. Further, we have under expert guidance put in indoor plants that not only purify air but emit oxygen. We regularly have sessions on educating staff how to reduce effects of pollution on their health and measures that can be taken at home and at work.