Delhi High Court Refuses Injunction over use of the mark VASUNDHRA and holds it is a common name.

A jeweller and a readymade garment manufacturer are at loggerheads over the name VASUNDHRA. The Plaintiff, Vasundhara Jewelers Pvt Ltd (hereinafter VJPL) has brought trademark infringement and passing off action against Kirat Vinodbhai Jadhvani and others (hereinafter Defendants) for using the mark Vasundhra for readymade garments. The representation of both parties’ marks is depicted below…


Delhi High Court recognizes the fame of ‘THE BRITISH SCHOOL’

The Court ruled that “Education is an area where chances of confusion should be completely avoided as it can result in having a damaging effect on the careers of children”. The court recognized that ‘THE BRITISH SCHOOL’ name is exclusive proprietary to the British School Society. ‘THE BRITISH SCHOOL’ is not a generic and common…