We Care

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integral to our business and values. Our CSR initiatives reflect our genuine commitment to giving back to the communities we live in and to those who are in need. To achieve our CSR objectives, we focus on three areas:

  1. Pro bono legal assistance to not-for-profit organizations working on social causes to uplift the underprivileged;
  2. promoting sustainable practices to protect our environment and supporting organizations working in this area by providing legal support; and
  3. provide financial and legal support to worthy charitable initiatives.

We are passionate about making a positive impact on society and encourage our team to contribute their time, expertise, skills, and resources to a variety of causes that have a meaningful impact on communities. Due to our firm’s predominant culture of Giving back, our lawyers are ever willing to participate in the pro bono and volunteering work the firm supports.

To minimize the impact on the environment is one of our key objectives. To accomplish this, we not only support organizations that work in this area but also follow policies that promote sustainability in our working and encourage partners who hold similar values. Our firm has a comprehensive waste and recycling program and is careful with its energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Not only legal support, the firm cultivates a culture of being kind and helpful to those who are in need. RNA has consistently contributed its time towards organizing blood donation drives, health check-up camps for those deprived of healthcare and medical assistance. From time to time the firm has extended financial support to victims of natural disasters, spending time at retirement homes, and orphanages.

RNA takes pride in being the recipient of the Excellence Award in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 by the TrustLaw Foundation for its contribution to Pro Bono legal work in India.


RNA receives Recognition of Excellence award 2017-2018

By TrustLaw of Thompson Reuters Foundation for its contribution to advancing legal pro bono practice in India.

Thinksharp Foundation

Not for profit organization working on better rural education thru project “Studymall”.


Assisting Mumbai based NGO, namely, ARPAN in securing copyright registrations for their “Personal Safety Education Lesson Plan Manuals” in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Impaired Charitable Trust (Teach)

TEACH has been founded with a vision to outreach higher education & self-development of deaf children, in-turn help them lead their lives independently and successfully by assisting in their personal, professional and social development.

eKutir India


Accelerating Sustainable Growth For Farming Communities

Global Poverty Project

Our vision is a world free from extreme poverty by 2030

because of the collective actions of global citizens across the world.

Missing Link Trust

Missing Link Trust, is a non-profit organization based in Kolkata Using Art and Technology for Social Change. The Organisation is working locally and globally, transforming public perceptions, educating individuals, communities and policy makers, and inspiring action to put an end to modern day slavery.


BEMPU Health Private Limited

Bempu works towards improving maternal and child health outcomes in developing countries by developing and commercializing life-saving health technologies


ITTF on the basis of their research has identified 50 Breakthroughs (50BTs) in which advanced technology can move the needle on the biggest social and environmental challenges affecting the poor.

Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a non-profit organisation that works to empower vulnerable children, women and youth, in 26 cities across 13 states of India.


Khethworks mission is to give small-plot farmers across the world an unprecedented level of control over their lives and livelihoods through affordable and high quality technology.

Smart Air

Smart Air is an organization that works for providing clean air and manufacture air purifiers. They have a variety of air purifiers in their portfolio and are also educating people on the need of clean air.

Safe Society

Safe Society is a non-profit organisation working to improve the socio-economic standards of underprivileged communities in India’s Uttar Pradesh state.


WasteLess is a non-profit research organisation that develops innovative educational programmes, materials and games about sustainable consumption and waste management targeting children aged 6 to 15.

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes is a unique artwork campaign launched by 21st Century Leaders Ltd, the wholly owned trading subsidiary of Trade plus Aid.

Mohan Foundation

Mohan Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization which promotes organ donation.

Reality Gives

Reality Gives is a community based non-profit organization providing access to quality education for children and youth from poor urban communities in India since 2009.

Cooked By Moms

Cooked By Moms empower women by creating careers and opportunities that leverage their existing cooking skills.