We regularly advise our clients on the protection of geographical indications, traditional knowledge, biodiversity laws, rights over plant varieties, and semiconductors. We have successfully obtained registrations for a number of clients and understand the nuances within this gamut.

India has specific legislation for the protection of plant varieties. The Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Right Act (PPVFR Act) provides an effective system for the protection of plant varieties, the rights of farmers and plant breeders and to encourage the development of new varieties of plants.  The duration of the protection of registered varieties is different for different types of crops. For Trees and vines, it is 18 years while for other crops, it is 15 years from the date of registration of the variety.

Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design Registry (SICLDR) protects original and Distinctive Integrated Circuit Layout Design. The registration period extends to ten years from the date of filing of the application.

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