Labour and Human Rights Policy

RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys (hereinafter referred to as ‘RNA’) appreciates and respects both labour and human rights including allowing the staff to raise any concerns with the Partners which they may have or face concerning their work environment.

RNA is an equal opportunity workplace and makes no differentiation based on caste, sex, religion, or creed.

RNA has a set structure of payment of wages which does not make any discrimination between any staff based on their gender. The wages are particularly decided based on the experience and merit of the staff in adhering to and achieving objectives for the relevant job profile.

There are also equal opportunities provided to both the sexes for their career development and growth both as an individual and a well rounded professional. Every hour spend by the staff at work is accounted for and so far there has been no complaints raised by any staff as to any verbal, physical and/or sexual abuse or harassment at work.

RNA does not take any counterproductive or punitive measures against any staff for raising any such legitimate concerns. RNA is committed to conducting relevant inquiries and responding to such concerns in a prompt and responsible manner.

RNA has established policies in place which covers health and safety of its staff including medical benefits which are extended to the staff.

With a view to give the staff equal opportunity RNA periodically organise the interactive session known as idea labs which is generally scheduled once in two months. In addition to this RNA also organises communication meetings once in a month to update the staff of any important developments or new regulation in RNA policies.

In order to generate camaraderie among staff RNA organises social get together, picnics, offsite retreats where the main focus is to help building a cohesive team.

RNA regularly review these policies to see that the Firm is in tune with the needs of its staff and if these need any further improvements or updation in terms of implementation etc.