NFT AND Intellectual Property

Our Associate Girish Bhatia was invited by Unique Law to take a webinar on the topic Non-fungible Tokens and its effect on Intellectual Property Rights which is one of the emerging topics in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. The webinar included information related to Non-Fungible Tokens, its benefits and its legal position internationally as well as in India. Apart from the information on NFT he covered impact of NFT on existing trademarks, copyrights and designs regimes. He not only covered the effects of NFT’s on the existing laws but also the problems that could be faced by the buyers of NFT due to lack of regulatory body. One major concern that was discussed during the webinar was of dual ownership that is created by the NFT and the dual availability of the tokens. Till the time there is no regulatory body there always be a concern related to the NFT transactions.

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