Changing Landscape – Territoriality vs. Universality

Introduction In the context of trademarks, it has often been debated, if a brand name is territorial with reputation restricted to the country where it is registered and used or the reputation can spill over into the territory outside of its use. The question becomes pertinent considering social media and digital applications have made it…


MakeMyTrip accused of stifling competition; injunction in its favour set aside

In Makemytrip (India) Private Limited v Orbit Corporate Leisure Travels (I) Private Limited, a travel company, MakeMyTrip (India) Private Limited, sought to restrain use of the mark GETMYTRIP on the basis of its registered rights in the mark MAKEMYTRIP. At the time of admission of the suit, an ex parte interiminjunction was granted by the…


Top tips for trademark registration

The Trademarks Registry has implemented various changes to enhance the trademark filing system in India. An efficient registration strategy should help rights holders to reap the benefits of these updates Until recently, the Indian Trademarks Registry often featured in the news for the wrong reasons, coming under fire for the slow progress of cases, loss…


Our lawyers speak to students at the Indian Law Institute, Delhi

RNA was invited by Indian Law Institute (ILI) to share their IP knowledge with post graduate students and faculty members at the workshop titled Intellectual Property: Procedure and Practice. Students from various law colleges as well as ILI attended the sessions and were curious to understand various facets of IP law. The workshop was a…


A guide to protecting geographical indications in India

Geographical Indications (GI) constitute an important category of intellectual property (IP) law and are of particular significance to some countries. Most commonly, a GI includes the name of the place of origin of the goods e.g. Ceylon tea (from Sri Lanka), Champagne (sparkling wine for France), Havana cigars (tobacco from Havana), Bukhara (carpets from Uzbekistan)….


RNA is proud to receive Excellence Award by Thomson Reuters Foundation

It was a great honour for the entire team at RNA to have been recognized by “TrustLaw” a Thomson Reuters Foundation for supporting a number of NGOs in protecting their Intellectual Property rights in India. At an event hosted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in New Delhi on 10th April, 2018, Rachna Bakhru, Suvarna Pandey…


No Novelty in crocs clog shoe Design

M/s Crocs Inc. (Crocs) brought Design Infringement action against seven local manufacturers, M/s Liberty Shoes Ltd, M/s Relaxo Footwear & Anr. Ltd., Bioworld Merchandising India Ltd., M/s Bata India Ltd & Ors., M/s Action Shoes Pvt. Ltd. & Ors., Aqualite India Limited & Anr., Kidz Palace & Ors., for copying their design registered under nos….


Registering Brands

India – FAQ’s on registering your brands What are the different kinds of mark that can be registered as trade marks under the Indian Trade Marks Act? Word marks, logos, slogans, signatures, names, devices, labels, numeral(s) and/or any combination of these Combinations of colours Shape of goods 3-dimensional marks Sound marks Smell marks (None have…


The working of a “working statement”

In our previous post, we had reported a dramatic development in a public interest petition pending before the Delhi High Court, bringing to the court’s attention that working statements required to be filed by the Patentees and licensees (every year on or before 31st March) are either not being filed or complete information is not…


The perils of adopting and enforcing a generic mark

The Delhi High Court by its recent order set aside an ex-parte injunction that it granted seven years back and which continued until the matter was set down for arguments. The Court order has once again stressed the inherent difficulties in enforcing a generic mark. The Court was adjudicating an injunction application filed by the…


CG notice regarding Increase in the Trade Mark Application fees

In an unexpected development, the Trademarks Office has decided to increase the official fees for new application/s and fee for expedited examination request with effect from August 1, 2014. The Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks (“CG”) has issued a notice requesting the Applicants/Attorneys/Proprietors to pay the balance fees before September 30, 2014.The…