(INTA)’s Unreal Campaign to Scottish High International School, Gurgaon

RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys is pleased to share that we brought International Trademark Association (INTA)’s Unreal Campaign to Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, yesterday. It was an engaging session where students delved into the world of trademarks, brands, and the dangers of counterfeiting. The curiosity by both the students and the faculty members made…


Delhi High Court holds VIGOURA is deceptively similar to VIAGRA

This note discusses the judgement passed by the Delhi High Court in a suit filed by the Plaintiff, Pfizer Products Inc (Pfizer). Pfizer filed the suit to safeguard its trademark rights in “VIAGRA,” a well-known erectile dysfunction drug and to permanently restrain the Defendants, Renovision Exports Pvt. Ltd., and Others (Renovision) from marketing a homeopathic…



In the age of globalization, the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has taken centre stage. Till now, the role of Customs was primarily collecting Customs duties and other indirect taxes. However, with the advent and the development of e-commerce the environment in which Customs operate altered dramatically. Although, civil, criminal, and administrative remedies are…


‘Southern Infosys’ loses its claim to use Infosys as corporate name

Infosys Limited (Infosys) brought an action against Southern Infosys Limited (SIL) seeking to restrain SIL from using Infosys’s registered trademark “INFOSYS” as part of its trade name. Infosys alleged that SIL’s use of its registered trademark risks misleading consumers and eroding Infosys’s unique brand identity. This case summary will provide an overview of the facts,…


Alkem defends its adoption of ALSITA mark

Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd (MPL) relying on its rights in the prior used mark ALRISTA filed the suit at the Delhi High Court against the Defendant, Alkem Laboratories Ltd. & Anr, (Alkem) to restrain them from manufacturing, selling, or promoting their pharmaceutical product under the trademark ‘ALSITA’. MPL contends that ALRISTA and ALSITA are deceptively similar…


Shoe manufacturers fight over representation of stylized ‘X’

Relaxo Footwears Limited (Relaxo) brought an action against XS Brands Consultancy Private Limited & Ors (XS Brands). Relaxo relying on its rights in the device/mark seeks to restrain XS Brands from using the mark in relation to footwear. Relaxo does not claim any rights per se over the letter ‘X’ but only in the stylised…


AO Smith is similar to STAR SMITH holds Delhi High court

In the trademark dispute between A.O. Smith Corporation and Star Smith Export Pvt. Ltd over the marks AO Smith and Start Smith, the Delhi High Court held the marks to be similar and use of Star Smith to be trademark infringement. The court also emphasized the significance of the dominant portion of the mark and…


MRF successfully asserts rights in Muscleman logo

This note discusses the final judgement post-trial passed by the Madras High Court in a suit filed by the well-known tyre manufacturer MRF. The Plaintiff, MRF Limited filed the suit against the Defendant, Powermax Rubber Factory and Ors, (Powermax) alleging infringement of trademark, copyright, passing off, damages, etc. MRF relying on its rights in the…