Non-Fungible Tokens and its Impact on current IP Laws


Our Associate, Girish Bhatia was invited by The IP Press to conduct a session on Non-Fungible Token and its impact on current IP Laws. The session took place for around 1hr 30mins on August 14th at 3pm (IST) which included the PPT presentation followed by the question and answers round. It was attended by students from different universities as well as legal practitioners. The session included details of Non-Fungible token and the legal position of the tokens not only in India but in different countries as well. The second half of the session included the impact of NFT on the existing Trademark and Copyright laws. Where he discussed about the challenges to faced by NFT for registration under the existing IP laws. The session was an interactive session where the audience was interested in knowing the purpose of the bill Banning of Cryptocurrency & Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2019 and the future of the tokens as well as digital currency.

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