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In this edition of our newsletter, we have two news pieces to share with our readers in the Copyright sphere in India.

1) With a view to advance and apply “Digital India” campaign to copyright, the Copyright office, as per its notice dated August 31, 2017, has decided to publish on its website http://copyright.gov.in the following information on a monthly basis from January 1, 2017 onwards:

  • Every entry made in the Register of Copyright
  • Particulars of any work (Section 45 of the Copyright Act)
  • Correction of any entry made in the Register (Section 49 of the Copyright Act)
  • Any rectification ordered (Section 50 of the Copyright Act)

2) In another public notice dated September 1, 2017, again with a perspective of digital advancement and transparency in records, the Copyright office has decided to publish online:

  • A list of the application/s received for registration of the copyright.
  • Such publication would be treated as notice to all persons who dispute rights of the Applicant in the subject application under Rule 70 (9) of Copyright Rules, 2013.
  • Within 30 days of the publication, if no objection is received, the application would be scrutinised by the examiner for any discrepancies or necessary action.
  • If any discrepancy is found in the Application, a discrepancy notice would be issued to the Applicant.
  • If no response/work/document are received within 30 days from the date of issuance of the notice, the application would be treated as “abandoned”.
  • A list of such abandoned applications would be published on the first Friday of every month.

Thus, clearly the steps taken by the copyright office will not only facilitate transparency, but encourage copyright holders to seek registration with a view to notify the world at large of their rights in any work.

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