Volunteer Spotlight: Rachna Bakhru

Susanna Heurung, Maiwald Patentanwalts – und Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Munich, Germany

INTA Bulletins—Europe Subcommittee

Teaser: Rachna Bakhru (RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys, India) plays a leadership role at INTA and in dispute resolution at her firm. She is passionate about fitness and well being, as well as ethical and environmentally conscious brands.

Rachna Bakhru is a partner with RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys, in Gurgaon, India, and leads the firm’s dispute resolution team, which analyzes conflicts and advises clients on intellectual property (IP) strategy and enforcement.

An active INTA volunteer INTA since 2010, Ms. Bakhru is currently Chair for the Unreal Campaign Committee’s Middle East, Africa and South Asia Subcommittee and also served on the 2021 Leadership Meeting Project Team. She enjoys participating in the Association’s worldwide work on education, communication, and research on innovative topics to help brand owners and trademark professionals convey the larger role brands play in society. As such, she has spoken on some thought-provoking topics at INTA events. For example, she spoke about fair trade in IP relations at INTA’s 2019 Annual Meeting.

On issues of concern to her, Ms. Bakhru is convinced that the rise in e-commerce has brought into focus the role of platforms in controlling the availability of counterfeit goods. In that context, intermediary liability is an important issue to consider.

“While technology has made our lives more comfortable, it has thrown new challenges for IP professionals. The law is always playing catch up with the technological changes,” she said. “Every jurisdiction has specific safe harbor provisions to provide immunity to the ISPs [Internet service providers]. However, it remains a developing area to understand the ISPs’ roles and liabilities given the growing e-commerce. The law needs harmonization to balance the competing interests.”

INTA’s objectives to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation through trademarks resonate with Ms. Bakhru. In her view, the Association gives a platform to those who want to work in these areas, addressing the need for social interaction among the trademark community.

Aside from her work, Ms. Bakhru is passionate about traveling and exploring new places, cultures, and food with her family and friends. She is also a fitness enthusiast and enjoys running, hiking, and cycling. She has participated in several marathons and cycling events and has fond memories of climbing the summits of some Himalayan peaks. She is also profoundly into yoga and Ayurveda (ancient science of alternative medicine) and devotes her free time to teaching and learning the practice.

Her favorite brands are those that follow ethical business practices and care about the environment. Ms. Bakhru believes products coming from companies that look after their employees’ well-being and the community will deliver the same passion to their customers.

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