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28th Feb 2018 The working of a “working statement” 26th Feb 2018 The perils of adopting and enforcing a generic mark 5th Feb 2018 Tug of war between real estate companies over ‘Lotus’ 24th Jan 2018 Patent holders caught by surprise-Licenses / Sublicenses must be disclosed!! 23rd Jan 2018 Countering Counterfeits 17th Jan 2018 Indian courts respond to thriving online market 17th Jan 2018 Food and beverage products in the branding crosshairs 17th Jan 2018 Courts step up to protect unregistered trademarks and trade dress 17th Jan 2018 Bangalore's real Adiga 9th Jan 2018 Patent granted to Chocolate Flavour Tea 8th Jan 2018 The new mantra "Sell in India" to protect your brand 5th Jan 2018 The coveted status of "well known mark" eludes SAMSUNG 21st Dec 2017 Chill Barbie - freedom of speech and expression is sacrosanct 13th Dec 2017 Sue and Settle–no Damages please! 12th Dec 2017 ‘SWAD’ (taste) for Rice not as tasty when it comes to enforcement 27th Nov 2017 Court rejects ‘Turky’ is a geographical name 20th Nov 2017 “Working Statement” - A peculiar requirement under the Indian Patents Act 23rd Oct 2017 Territorial jurisdiction in the new interconnected world 19th Sep 2017 Prior use becomes “Turning Point” and prevails over registration 11th Sep 2017 'Pinch of Salt' cannot be confused with 'Pinch of Spice' 9th Aug 2017 Removal of ‘No-Objection-Certificate’ brings relief to plant breeders 18th Jul 2017 It’s all in the name 12th Jul 2017 Bollywood Filmmakers clash over title that means My Best Friend’s Wedding 10th Jul 2017 Columbia Sportswear held guilty for suppression of facts 28th Jun 2017 Lively Debate on Bolar Provisions at the Delhi High Court 23rd Jun 2017 Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Trademarked 21st Jun 2017 Auroville knocks Chennai High Court to protect its name 20th Jun 2017 Bombay High Court frowns upon copycat container 19th Jun 2017 Carlsberg bottle design not so novel 16th Jun 2017 ‘Curry Haus’ shutdown over objection from ‘Asian Haus’ and ‘Sushi Haus’ 12th Jun 2017 India’s National IPR Policy - One Year On 24th May 2017 Trade dress and the importance of visual appearance 22nd May 2017 Intermediaries ill-equipped to determine infringements 26th Apr 2017 Monsanto Asserts no Government role in determining the Licensing Fee 18th Apr 2017 Suppression Leads to Adverse Inference 17th Apr 2017 Top 10 patent developments of 2016 7th Apr 2017 Should domain names receive the same protection as trademarks? 3rd Apr 2017 Use of Cipla as a company name is not a trade mark use 20th Mar 2017 Patent Wars - Round two in favour of Novartis as Cipla unable to mount credible challenge 8th Mar 2017 Good, Bad and the Challenges of New Trade Marks Rules, 2017 7th Mar 2017 IKEA brand is exclusive, no confusion with AIKYA GLOBAL 21st Feb 2017 Exxon stumped in fine line between Permitted User and Registered User 17th Feb 2017 Purpose over Quantitative or Qualitative Copying is the new fair use exception 1st Feb 2017 Delhi High Court provides safe harbour for online intermediaries 31st Jan 2017 Prior use settles the issue in favour of AZT 6th Jan 2017 Counterfeiting boom threatens India’s online sales bonanza 12th Dec 2016 Indian Trade Marks Registry to widen its doors for recording “well known” marks 5th Dec 2016 PRIVE is not so exclusive for hotel services 5th Dec 2016 Courts step up when it comes to famous marks 5th Dec 2016 Casting a safety net for your database 3rd Nov 2016 Indian trademark held hostage by disgruntled ex-employee amid allegations of potential registry complicity 17th Oct 2016 Vogue fails to stop ‘Just in Vogue’ 10th Oct 2016 Playing the Balancing game 26th Sep 2016 Delhi High Court permits photocopying with impunity 1st Sep 2016 ITC turns blue over Britannia Digestive Zero 14th Sep 2016 Seminar on “Information about the European Patent Office and its regulations, particularly in the technical field of medical technology”, September 27, 2016 13th Sep 2016 Striking the right balance 22nd Aug 2016 Demystifying brand clearance 3rd Aug 2016 Sun enforces its rights in VENIZ 3rd Aug 2016 Linking Patent and Data Exclusivity 28th Jul 2016 Tax centric interpretation of Intellectual Property 5th Jul 2016 Protecting brands in India’s growing Pharmaceutical Industry 30th Jun 2016 The Creative Travel saga 16th Jun 2016 Monsanto case - a debate over Private rights and Public interest 6th Jun 2016 IPR policy sets a new agenda-Creative India; Innovative India 19th May 2016 New Patent Rules come into force 12th May 2016 Phonetic similarity is not the final test 5th May 2016 A shift in protection of non-traditional trademarks 4th May 2016 Policy shift on Compulsory Licensing 3rd May 2016 Bombay High Court holds you cannot ‘LIVE IN Levi’s’ 21st Apr 2016 Trade Marks Registry Provides Relief Following Mass Abandonment of Applications 19th Apr 2016 Science and Technology facilitates reputation to Spillover 13th Apr 2016 Shemozzle over abandoned marks 6th Apr 2016 CTRL + ALT= abandoned 10th Mar 2016 Commercial courts could signal bright new dawn for trademark disputes 9th Mar 2016 Brand Protection Challenges 7th Mar 2016 Government intervention on Standard Essential Patents comes under criticism 4th Mar 2016 Chaitime is not descriptive holds Bombay High Court 4th Mar 2016 Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) releases discussion paper on Standard Essential Patents and their availability on FRAND terms 29th Feb 2016 Registrar Powers Distilled in Blenders Pride 4th Feb 2016 TATA ZICA Trumped by ZIKA 2nd Feb 2016 Roche Vs Cipla - Final leg of battle over Tarceva Patent 20th Jan 2016 IP Boost for Start-ups in India 12th Jan 2016 Enforcing your trademark rights in India 7th Jan 2016 Stability per se of a Salt not a Patentable subject matter 5th Jan 2016 Software patents 'on hold' in India 18th Dec 2015 No justification for adoption leads to injunction against Indian Express clone 23rd Nov 2015 Commercial Courts – a major policy shift in dispute resolution 6th Nov 2015 Retaining freshness with fluid marks and slogans 16th Oct 2015 Patent office issues new set of guidelines for examination of computer related inventions 7th Oct 2015 Acquiescence and delay leads to setting aside injunction 28th Sep 2015 Indian court issues injunction in ericsson standard essential patent infringement suit 25th Sep 2015 No copyright violation in taking selfie with London Eye 25th Sep 2015 A review of recent patent opposition cases 10th Sep 2015 Opportunities abound in pro-liberalisation regime 9th Sep 2015 Changing face of IP litigation 7th Aug 2015 Vellore Institute of Technology asserts its rights in the mark VIT 31st Jul 2015 How strong is your Brand? 23rd Jul 2015 Prosecution tips India 17th Jul 2015 Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) lays down strict test for determining ‘well known’ status 17th Jul 2015 Phonetic similarity is the key- Court holds GENTAC similar to ZANTAC and ZINETAC 17th Jul 2015 Raffles Hotel prevail in domain infringement complaint 17th Jul 2015 "Make in India" to avail expedited examination of patent application 17th Jul 2015 Nestle and ITC spat over Magical Masala noodles 17th Jul 2015 Standard Essential Patents 17th Jul 2015 Taking on Digital Music Piracy 14th May 2015 Court rejects ‘sick unit’ plea for immunity from Design infringement and Unfair competition 7th May 2015 India - Protecting brands in a virtual world 10th Apr 2015 Life threatening confusion - not a mere inconvenience 9th Apr 2015 Protecting reputation and goodwill in interconnected world 7th Apr 2015 John Deere asserts rights over Green and Yellow colours 31st Mar 2015 Protecting brands in the digital space - World Trademark Review 26th Mar 2015 IPAB order E I DU Pont De Nemours Company v Galpha Laboratories Ltd 23rd Mar 2015 Reacting to a celebrity obsessed culture 12th Mar 2015 National IP Policy-challenges of implementation 1st Sep 2014 No ‘jugglery’ or ‘twisting’ of words 1st Sep 2014 What US brand owners must know about India 12th Aug 2014 Taking issue with counterfeits in India 11th Jun 2014 Is India IP environment deteriorating 25th Apr 2014 New twist in Samsung parallel imports case as APAA and INTA offer conflicting 6th Mar 2014 Trademarks registry revamps its online platform 7th Jan 2014 High Court rules REDDY belongs to Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited 11th Dec 2013 IPAB - ITC v Cadbury's marks 11th Dec 2013 Compulsory license Rejection for Dasatinib 14th Nov 2013 Bloomberg Finance LP versus Prafull Saklecha & Others 1st Oct 2013 Brand owners argue parallel imports undermine R&D investment 25th Jul 2013 Prior Publication - Indian Design law 24th Jul 2013 IPAB admonishes Gillette for anti-competitive behavior 8th Jul 2013 Indian government steps in to regulate cosmetic imports 8th Jul 2013 Is common law remedy of passing off available for owner of a Design? 20th May 2013 Revisiting Efficacy:: Case Study I 3rd May 2013 Benefits for both parties 1st May 2013 Use of mark in Indian market necessary to establish prior rights India 5th Mar 2013 India - boost to generics industry - IPAB approves compulsory licence under Bayer’s ‘Nexavar’ patent 5th Mar 2013 Prosecution Strategies 14th Feb 2013 Global Brands in India 13th Feb 2013 A guide to pitch perfect sound marks 1st Feb 2013 Price Controls and compulsory licences lead to double trouble in India 10th Jan 2013 Going Digital with IP Protection 20th Dec 2012 Technological Clearance and ‘Freedom to Operate’ in India 6th Dec 2012 Getting Patent claims accepted: Procedural issues 6th Dec 2012 Things to consider when licensing technology in India 6th Dec 2012 Fighting the crime of the 21st century 30th Nov 2012 Business methods and Software Patents 26th Nov 2012 High Court issues - clarity on parallel imports 5th Nov 2012 Going above and beyond the text of the statutes to protect the worldwide reputation 5th Sep 2012 Protection of publicity and image rights 5th Jul 2012 Trade dress and design rights protection 15th Jun 2012 Compulsory Licence - Sharing the medicine 13th Jun 2012 India grants first compulsory licence under Patents Act 13th Jun 2012 Customs circular - parallel imports are legitimate India 13th Jun 2012 Exhaustion in India - When is it a national issue? 13th Jun 2012 IP in India – Keep your wits about you 13th Jun 2012 Domain name dispute resolution in India 13th Jun 2012 Conflicting views on parallel imports lead to confusion for brand owners and importers 9th Apr 2012 Protecting consumers and brand owners alike 9th Apr 2012 The importance of being fair 9th Apr 2012 Trademark Registry takes steps to reduce backlogs 9th Apr 2012 New procedural guidelines to facilitate appeals from administrative decisions 9th Apr 2012 Delhi High Court introduces measures to encourage better case management 9th Apr 2012 India's approach to non-conventional trademarks 9th Apr 2012 Combating infringement through the courts and law enforcement authorities 9th Apr 2012 Champagne maker fails to prevent registration of almost identical mark 9th Apr 2012 India - No exclusivity in marks from chemical compounds 9th Apr 2012 Overview of Enforcement scenario in India in relation to Trademarks 9th Apr 2012 ITC loses trademark dilution case against Philip Morris 9th Apr 2012 ROCA and ROKA to co-exist rules Delhi High court 9th Apr 2012 Nestle triumphs over the use of ‘Yo!’ 9th Apr 2012 Counterfeiting - a global problem 9th Apr 2012 India's opposition gridlock 9th Apr 2012 Investing in Intellectual Property by SMEs for Competetive Advantage 9th Apr 2012 Basmati, Pashmina & law 9th Apr 2012 Lex Nexus law firm forced to change its name 9th Apr 2012 LAW LORE & PRACTICE - Can LOPRIN and LOPARIN co-exist as medicines 9th Apr 2012 New bill is huge setback to criminal enforcement 9th Apr 2012 Prescription for confusion 9th Apr 2012 Copyright - The sound of copyright 9th Apr 2012 INTA Bulletin - INTA Letter in ECJ Case Argues that Trade 9th Apr 2012 India-higher damages available (PTMG Newsletter) 9th Apr 2012 ROCA Sanitario S.A. vs. Naresh Kumar Gupta & Anr 9th Apr 2012 ECLR - Court rules in favour of Intel Corpn. holding prior rights in the mark INTEL 9th Apr 2012 A new start for Indian trade mark law 9th Apr 2012 The Sound of Harmony (IP Review) - Spring 2009 10th Nov 2010 Delhi HC sets out strict guidelines for online jurisdiction 10th Nov 2010 Marks should not be split to assess similarity 10th Nov 2010 Kerala district court permanently restrains use of 'Selfridges' 10th Nov 2010 Export Co. prevented from using Shell as part of trade name 10th Nov 2010 Investing in Intellectual Property by Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for Competitive Advantage 10th Nov 2010 Cipla v Roche case note
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