Counterfeits and Pandemic

India and the world witnessed two years of lockdown during which the most developed economies of the world fell apart. With the times so tough and economies facing the worst of their phase, the sector that gave a negative boom to the economies was counterfeits. Evolution of Counterfeits in Pandemic Counterfeiting is not a new…


SUBWAY and SUBERB are not similar holds Delhi High Court

SUBWAY, a popular sandwich chain, has sought an injunction against another eatery using the mark SUBERB. The Court, in its ruling, observed ‘SUBERB’ is not phonetically similar to ‘SUBWAY, ‘though both are words of two syllables. The first syllable, ‘SUB’ is common when used in the context of sandwiches, It is also well known that…


Session on the Introduction to Patents including registration process

  Ms. Suvarna Pandey, Associate Partner, was invited for an expert session to speak on “Introduction to Patents including registration process” at MNLU Nagpur. This workshop was organised by CIPAM in collaboration with MNLU Nagpur on 13th February, 2023. The session was well received by the audience.


L’Oreal denied exclusivity over the mark ‘Hair Spa’

Whether the term’ HAIR SPA’ is generic, commonly understood, and used by consumers as a treatment for hair. Does the term denote the kind, quality, nature, and intended purpose of the goods? This Appeal against the order of the Commercial judge, District Court filed by Defendant/Appellants, Pornsricharoenpun Co. Ltd and Ors (Pornsri) at the Delhi…