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Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, & increased constantly, or it vanishes...
~ Peter Drucker

30th Jan 2018 IPAB lays down roadmap to clear backlog 7th Jul 2017 Software patentability in India - a case of one step forward, one step backward 2nd Jun 2017 Trade Marks Registry issues guidelines to file application for declaration of a trademark as “well-known” 9th Aug 2016 IP Appellate Board embraces Digital India Initiative 2nd Sep 2014 Export Co. prevented from using Shell 8th Aug 2014 CG notice regarding Increase in the Trade Mark Application fees 2nd Jun 2014 Reputation not bound by physical boundaries 23rd May 2014 Legal Era Article- Banking in the information age 20th May 2014 Delhi High Court reiterates 'first in the world market' is what matters 15th May 2014 Understanding Section 8 of the Indian Patents Act and its implications 9th May 2014 Enforceability of Design rights in India 9th May 2014 Designs must be novel 9th May 2014 Competing designs need not be identical 10th Mar 2014 India: increase in Patent Office Fees 26th Jun 2013 India's accession to the Madrid Protocol - is the Trade Mark Office ready? 29th May 2013 Government of India introduces Guidelines to meet the new EU [bulk] drug import rules 22nd Apr 2013 Merck refused interim injunction for the infringement of its patent on Anti Diabetic drug 16th Apr 2013 India announces accession to Madrid protocol 8th Apr 2013 India – more good news for the generics industry as Supreme Court rejects Novartis appeal 2nd Apr 2013 Ericsson Vs Micromax: Indian Courts suggest License on ‘Frand’ Terms 1st Feb 2013 Basmati, Pashminas and The Law 1st Feb 2013 A guide to protecting geographical indications in India 28th Jan 2013 Trade Marks Office Initiates Special Project to Clear Backlog 10th Jan 2013 Roche 'Pegasys' Patent Revoked by Appeal Board 20th Dec 2012 Gujarat High Court clarifies extent of use necessary to maintain registration 20th Dec 2012 Controller prohibits amendments to trade mark Statements of User 17th Jul 2012 PCT national phase filing procedure simplified 22nd Jun 2012 Creators welcome amendments to Copyright Act 13th Jun 2012 Natco Pharma obtains compulsory license to manufacture Bayer’s patented ‘Naxavar’ anti-cancer drug 9th Apr 2012 Marks should not be split to assess similarity 9th Apr 2012 Kerala district court permanently restrains use of Selfridges 9th Apr 2012 Delhi HC sets out strict guidelines for online jurisdiction 9th Apr 2012 Cipla v Roche case note 9th Apr 2012 Investing in Intellectual Property by Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for Competitive Advantage 28th Mar 2012 Natco Pharma seeks compulsory licence under Bayer’s ‘Nexavar’ paten 28th Mar 2012 Procedural guidelines aim to facilitate appeals from administrative decisions 24th Jan 2012 WTMLR-India enforcement May2011 1st Aug 2011 India–common law rights in product shapes 2nd Jun 2011 Supreme Court confirms that marks should not be dissected 2nd Jun 2011 Supreme Court clarifies meaning of ‘person aggrieved’ 2nd Jun 2011 Suppression of material facts proves fatal in passing-off action 18th May 2011 Anti-counterfeiting in India - A practical approach. 10th Nov 2010 Nestle triumphs over the use of "Yo" 10th Nov 2010 ROCA and ROKA 10th Nov 2010 ITC v PHILIP MORRIS 10th Nov 2010 India Forum Shopping and Web Presence
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