Qualified lawyers and experienced professionals at RNA, come together to meet client requirements and in each case providing the most appropriate means to enforce rights or resolve disputes. In addition to litigation in the Courts, the team makes full use of administrative and other bodies, including Customs and alternative forms of dispute resolution.

IP Investigation

As the global economy develops, Intellectual Property theft is escalating and becoming increasingly sophisticated. In order to tackle the problem, IP owners need both access to detailed and reliable information and the ability to track infringing activity to its source including identifying intermediaries in the distribution chain. The scope of our IP investigations is global and the quality of our reporting world class.

Our multi-lingual team of highly-skilled specialist IP investigators has, for more than a decade, been providing the full range of IP investigative services including :

  1. Investigations relating to Counterfeiting & Piracy activity
  2. Investigations relating to Patent, Trade mark & Copyright infringement
  3. Market surveys & Monitoring
  4. Cyber Investigations

The team adheres to the highest level of ethical conduct, is well-versed in both civil and criminal IP remedies, and has extensive experience working closely with the various law enforcement agencies.


RNA’s enforcement team, which is made up of specialist IP lawyers, investigators and other IP professionals, is experienced in all forms of IP enforcement and dispute resolution in India. In each case, we will determine the most appropriate course of action, advise on enforcement strategy, and, at all stages, provide detailed case management and reporting services. In every case our team endeavours to understand business objective and tailor our approach to providing cost effective solution in a timely manner.

Over the last 10 years, we have handled more than 500 IP infringement and counterfeit cases in a wide range of industry sectors: from pharmaceuticals to IT and electronics; clothing and FMCG to luxury goods. Our success rate, in both preliminary injunction applications and final judgment, is over 90%. Our team has also handled cases related to unfair competition, comparative advertising, parallel imports, online brand infringement and copyright issues in cyber world.

We do not, however, restrict ourselves to litigation in the courts: wherever appropriate, we make use of police, administrative and other authorities, such as Company Registries, Customs, and the Office of the Drugs Controller.

Border Control

Customs is the first line of defence against counterfeit/ infringing goods entering the country. In 2007, Customs’ powers were strengthened with the introduction of the Intellectual Property Rights (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, which provide that once an IP right has been registered with Customs, the import of allegedly infringing goods is prohibited.

RNA is among the largest filers of Customs recordals in India.

On behalf of our clients, we regularly organise workshops and training for Customs officers in various crucial ports across India, helping them identify counterfeit and infringing goods. This is an effective way of raising the level of awareness and keeping Customs’ officials engaged with our clients’ products.